The concept of floating cities may appear as a visionary’s dream. However, it is currently transforming into a reality, globally. Floating homes and communities have already gained popularity in many parts of the world, such as the Netherlands, Dubai, and the French Polynesian waterways. You will enjoy an autonomous and environmentally-conscious living your floating home provides, complete with all the pleasures and luxuries of the metropolitan areas of your choice. Your livable yacht will be defined by its incomparable quality of independence and extravagance.

Life on the Water is unique

Imagine living in comfort and luxury in total autonomy. Dock in a metropolitan marina and enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of your favorite city skyline or anchor in a tranquil bay. Livable yachts combine the best attributes of yachts and floating homes with the added benefits of being self-sufficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly. Say “no” to property taxes, HOA fees, and rental restrictions. Say “yes” to leading a remarkable life as an independent explorer, fully off the grid while protecting the natural world.

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Livable Yachts

Built by the developers in the harbors of Miami, this vessel is over 4,000 sq. ft. and features 4 luxurious bedrooms and 4.5 Baths. Each vessel is designed and built in a traditionally Dutch maritime fashion. All components are intended for maximum sustainability from conception to construction. Livable yachts provide high-quality materials with cutting edge home smart technology. They can be anchored in a stationary position in up to 25 ft. deep water or cruise at a maximum speed of 7 knots, 20 miles away from the closest harbor.

With an expandable 500 sq. ft. terrace and over-sized, high-end, loft style living room.  When lifted, the vessel’s 4 hydraulic spuds offers protection from the effects of waves, tropical winds, floods, and category 4 hurricane turbulence. These livable yachts have systems for rainwater harvesting, water purification, and waste management. In addition, solar panels are the source of all electrical needs. Therefore, you will be entirely “off-grid”.