Lumber from the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Available for sale to Germany

On the possibility of building a reliable and lasting partnership in regards to the sales of lumber originating from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which is better identified in this context, we ask you to find below the clarification of the nomenclature of the different types of wood available as well as information regarding volumes and prices of each lumber lot available at port in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


No.WOOD TYPENomenclatureAvailable volume
1.BILINGANauclea Diderrichiper request
2.DEBETOULovoa Trichilioidesper request
3.IROKOChlorophora Excelsaper request
4.KOSIPOEntandrophragma Cylindricumper request
5.MUKULUNGUAustranella Congolesisper request
6.NIOVEStaudtia Stipitataper request
7.PADAUK (hardwood)Pterocarpus castelsiiper request
8.SAPELLIEntandrophragma Cylindricumper request
9.SIPOEntandrophragma Utileper request
10.TALIErythrophleum Suaveolensper request
11.AFRICAN MAHOGANYKhaya Anthothecaper request
12.AFROMOSIAPericopsis Elataper request

The sales price is divided into 2 (two) lots:

  1. LOT I, consisting of, consisting of Bilinga, Dibetou, Iroko, Kosipo, Mulungu, Niove, True Padouk, Sapelli, Sipo, Tali, are considered mixed, on offer FAS (Free Alongside Ship).
  2. LOT II, consisting of Afromosia.
LOT IBilinga, Dibetou, Iroko, Kosipo, Mukulungu, Niove, Padauk, Sapelli, Sipo, Tali.FAS (Free Alongside Ship)per request
LOT IIAfromosiaFAS (Free Alongside Ship)per request

*Prices include quality control, quantity, and weighing in the port.


FAS (Free Alongside Ship):

  • Deliveries: at the embarkation dock (quay) after quality and quantity checks per lot,
  • Transfer of ownership: due place at the port of DRC on the quay place determined,
  • At the expense of the Seller: Possible transport to the embarkation dock as well as all formalities, related insurance, and labor.
  • Transport documents: A copy of the transport documents (SAD, Financial, and others) must be made available, traceable by the carrier. This will be the copy of the documents needed to be counter-signed at the reception and electronically transmitted to the Seller.
  • At the expense of the Buyer: ship loading costs and other related costs from the embarkation dock hereafter are the responsibility of the Buyer.
  • Payment Method: Payment through Credoc (documentary Letter of Credit) MT700 Swift payment confirmed. The receiving bank will afterward notify the Buyer upon receipt of the irrevocable LOI-confirmed order confirmation received by the Seller.
  • Certifications: are made available after receiving the LOI,
  • The sales contract: will be drawn up by the Seller after receipt of the LOI with a firm and irrevocable order.

The interval between two deliveries is guaranteed every 60 days.

The sale takes place under customs control at the port in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Transport from the port in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is the Buyer’s responsibility, the Seller’s guarantee is limited to the delivery on the quay of the port, and for all checks regarding the quality, quantity, and weighing.


The Buyer is invited to express his interest in our attention, making sure that he does not need any or other EU requirements on the timber certification from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, apart from the International Certification provided by the Inspection Body’s certification office for export and the DRC OCC (Office Congolais de Contrôle – Congolese Control Office) certification for export, provided and payable by the Seller.


The total volume quantity available for the first delivery is 12.380 m³, which corresponds to approximately 1800 certified logs. Optionally, the capacity of a second delivery is 30.000 m³, irrevocably certified.