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Global4Business is an international service brand with headquarters in Kerpen-Horrem, Germany for the purchase, brokerage & sale of international off-market properties.

Excellent contacts to property owners, private investors, real estate agents and investment companies have been established worldwide since 2005.

We are internationally established and the optimal networking partner for opportunities in off-market property investments.

An overview of our off-market services

Global4Business, together with its subsidiaries and cooperation partners, is ideally positioned to handle all of your off-market property needs. We offer a complete service package for our customers, which includes the following aspects of the real estate company:

An overview of our off-market services
Unlimited possibilities thanks to a strong network
Over 121,000 brokers, real estate investors and customers
International locations
Constantly growing and updated off-market property portfolio
Flexibility when you need it
360 ° Real estate service
Project development
You will not find our off-market real estate offers on any real estate portals
Off-market investment properties are sold through recommendations.

Are you a real estate investor looking for attractive off-market investment properties & investments? At Global4Business A.Ş., we specialize in off-market investments and only deliver you or your investors the off-market properties and investments that match your purchase criteria and profile – for example, commercial real estate investments. There are currently over 121,000 real estate investors worldwide with off-market real estate and capital investments such as Multi-family houses, residential complexes, hotel properties, nursing homes, office buildings, retail parks, shopping centers, industrial properties, building plots, gold mines, etc. As a result, a sales volume of over 8.2 billion EUR has been brokered since 2005.

Request access to our off-market real estate offers now!

Our team will research offers that match your purchase criteria and will contact you immediately. Global4Business AG offers you and your existing customers new off-market real estate deals for sale by email each month.
Do you have a precise idea of your investment property and are you looking for suitable investment properties? Send us your purchase criteria and we will research the suitable offer for you from our and from our cooperation partners. You will receive the first offer (according to the purchase criteria) from us within 14 days.
Discreet real estate sales

Global4Business specializes in discreet real estate sales and only offers your property to its existing long-term customers. Our customer CRM system enables us to provide you with a meaningful result within 14 days. To be more precise, we only need two weeks to be able to check whether one of our real estate investors is interested in buying your property or not. The sales mandate is non-binding and the seller’s commission is only payable if a notarized purchase contract processing can be proven to have come through a prospective buyer brought by us. You decide the seller’s commission amount you can provide as a motivation factor for our team.

Success with real estate investors from abroad

A real estate offer may not be as interesting for the domestic investor due to the usual returns, although it can be much more attractive for an investor from abroad. There are different reasons for this:

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