TerraFuture Solar Turbine


the TerraFuture-Turbine, with its controllable energy storage, integrated desalination and associated humus farming, can not only produce the world’s cheapest electricity, but also green the deserts with the help of world’s best humus and strategic plant belts.

Achieving a construction period of only one year and a life-span of over 200 years, with a simple, robust and maintenance-free design, it ensures the highest level of supply reliability alongside the lowest investment and running costs to generate unrivaled cheap electricity in virtually unlimited quantities.

It enables all countries to build a complete recycling economy, thus conserving natural resources.

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TerraFuture Humus


Humus is a natural product whose formation takes around 10 years, but can be reduced to 5 weeks by means of a program-controlled high-temperature rotting in our specialized humus reactors.

This fully polymerised humus is extremely stable both thermally and chemically, and can presently only be manufactured by the TerraFuture Compound, which, however, can also produce it in tropical and arid areas where nature doesn’t normally generate it, guaranteeing its life in the soil for at least 10,000 years.

It enables a richer increase in soil fertility, with a root growth of 1m in just 3 days, facilitating cheaper and higher quality food production in the area and generating additional revenue that exceeds by far the income gained from power production.

This results in the lowest cost of power in the world, combined with the highest return on investment of any other power supplying technology.

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TerraFuture Humus Adsorption Storage


Purified natural gas, adsorbed in special TerraFuture Humus Tanks, reduces cryogen transportation costs by 90% and is an easy-to-handle, first-class diesel fuel with zero NOx emissions.

Besides being able to adsorb natural gas, the TerraFuture-Humus Adsorption Storage can do just as well for hydrogen, since it allows both of them to be transported and stored just as easily as liquid fuels, rendering them ready to be introduced as a new fuel option and distributed through independent gas stations. The conversion of diesel engines to natural gas is already possible without any problems and at no great cost.

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TerraFuture Desalination


If we would be able to get fertile soil back into the desert areas and irrigate these regions, we could indeed start intensive agriculture. For this to happen, a gigantic quantity of water needs to be desalinated and pumped over thousands of kilometers, whereby conventional methods are too expensive and power consuming.

The TerraFuture-Desalination instead uses the full impeding solar energy of the TerraFuture-Turbine for a very cost-efficient water desalination method, while recovering it completely in order to generate new power.

Thus, supplying the cheapest sweet water in the desert areas, which is necessary for large-scale desert agriculture, industry and human use.

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TerraFuture Caterpillar Track


In many countries locomotion is still a major problem. Deserts, swamps, perma-frost areas, rainforests and river crossings make it difficult to progress worldwide. In most developing countries, unpaved roads are still the backbone of the transport system.

The TerraFuture-Caterpillar Track guarantees trucks with full off-road capability even on mud, sand, snow or off-road at low cost. It is now possible to make entire regions accessible and economically viable all year round.

Because the caterpillar track does not cause furrows due to the low ground pressure, but it even slightly compacts the soil, the slope surface automatically improves. Regular leveling is no longer necessary, which results in savings of many billions of US dollars. In addition, a much higher transport volume can be achieved without incurring higher costs! The caterpillar tire can reach speeds of up to 80 km/h.

Find out more on the TerraFuture website (available in 7 languages)